Shopping!! ♥

I have been on a serious dolly love phase lately. This whole year has revolved pretty heavily on my love for ball-jointed dolls and being able to reconnect with my resin collection. They sat unloved for a really long time, and lately I have been finding myself buying them more things and ‘spoiling’ them.

As a matter of fact, I have kinda been addicted to window shopping on Etsy lately, too. So much so that I completely overhauled my favorites. There are so many amazingly talented people on Etsy! Some of the stuff they make for dolls is GORGEOUS.

AmyLilley was closing up shop this week and offering some pretty awesome deals and specials. I ended up buying about $70~ worth of her clothes and jewelry for Claire, Yoko and Naomi. I’ll definitely be posting a review once all the clothes comes in, as it has honestly been the biggest order I have made on Etsy (ever). I like supporting small businesses and artists! ♥

I also ordered from CottonHoney and GuppyKisses. The clothes I got from CottonHoney came in earlier this week, and IT IS SO CUTE. I can’t wait to write up a review for her, once I can get around to having Claire try them on! My order from GuppyKisses should arrive today, too! So I am pretty excited to get some new clothes for my Minifee. I may actually have to clear our more of her old clothes for more funds and/or trading!

Tamiker Werks & Custom Critter Designs Summer Giveaway!

It is time for that very belated 2014 SUMMER GIVEAWAY!! I have teamed up with Custom Critter Designs to bring you an awesome array of custom prizes!!

1st PRIZE – Full Faceup, Mani & Pedi, Full Suede/Restringing and Basic Shirt & Leggings

2nd PRIZE – Full Faceup, Mani & Pedi, and Basic Fur Wig

3rd PRIZE – Mani & Pedi + Galaxy Leggings

The giveaway begins today and ends September 30th! In order to enter, follow the entry options using the Rafflecopter link below!!

Thank you for your continued support, and I am excited to see all your beautiful dollies!!


Long update!

A lot has happened since May. Due to work and commissions and planning doll meets, my time has been eaten up. It doesn’t help that I got really sick at the beginning of July, after a trip to San Francisco. Slightly touching base on that, basically what happened was I somehow got a weird inner ear virus that has left me 100% deaf in my left ear. It has been a very frustrating transition, especially when you’re used to having two perfectly functional ears one day — and then you’re disabled the next. I’ve been on a steroid treatment for two weeks now and I’m due for my checkup this Saturday. Hopefully it will all get settled up soon… :\

Let’s talk about doll stuff!

Everyone pretty much arrived safe and sound, since my last post.

Abigail, Aiden and Leif all made it home! During the course of May and now, I managed to snag Aiden’s body as well. There is actually a pretty funny story behind that, because I only paid $50 for his legit Soom Teenie Gem body! I had a tenant who had left some items in one of their units, and I managed to sell some of the stuff! Used that money to get Aiden’s body…so I’m pretty happy about that! Both Aiden and Abigail still need a lot of work…primarily new faceups and wigs. They have their permanent eyes, which are the Oscardoll special Fairyland eyes.

Leif finally has pants, but I haven’t been able to play with him much and get that body review online. Liam will probably have to wait some time before I can get him a body. Migidoll teamed up with BNBDOLL and started selling the Youth 16 body on their website. They went on sale June 1st and quickly sold out. I’m not sure when they will restock, OR if they will restock…but I’ll probably have a long time to wait before I can save the money to get Liam’s body. :(

Coco is still at 16-Bit Faceups getting worked on. I think I had mentioned that I was waiting on the results of the giveaway? Well, I actually won the 1st place for her giveaway!! I’ll be using the card for DDE to buy Abbie and Aiden’s wigs. I have a pretty good idea of where I’ll be going with Coco. She still needs work done from my end, too. I’m planning on giving her tattoos using the concepts of this video. I haven’t really had the chance to, because I opened my faceup shop back in late June.

I am still playing the waiting game on my Peakswood’s Tristan. She is the first doll I have ever ordered directly from a website, and the first VERY VERY brand new doll I own. I only have one other doll that isn’t second that, and that’s Aria. She was a gift from my hubby. :3 Thanks to a little extra income from my faceup shop, I was able to put down a layaway for a long sought doll — a Cerberus Project Lishe. It didn’t take me very long to find a good deal on her, and I’m hoping to have her paid off before Christmas.

Speaking of layaways…this is actually the first time I have two layaways going at the same time. I was farting around on Den of Angels when I stumbled across an artist doll. All the dolls I own now are Asian based (Korea, Japan, etc). The only artist dolls I have ever known of are Enaibi, which is apparently the most difficult dang artist doll to own. Well, I stumbled on this little cutie from Atelier Momoni! HOW CUTE IS SHE?! I was a little apprehensive about the resin color, as I have never owned such a tan doll besides Zeke!

Speaking of Zeke…I have totally revamped him. The funny part is, I almost sold him a couple of years ago, but now…now I don’t think I can ever part with him. ;D He got a brand new faceup from Boyflybaby. He also got a badass tattoo by Vitta-Vera. Finally, he got a ew faux hawk wig from my best friend’s shop, Custom Critter Designs. He’s pretty much done, except for new eyes…which I’ll probably go with Makoeyes!

So, yeah…a lot has happened the last couple of months. I’m sure I forgot to mention some stuff, but trying to balance so many things in life without going crazy is overwhelming sometimes. I’m so thankful for this hobby. It may be expensive, but it really helps me alleviate my stress. Playing with dolls, doing faceups and just enjoying my time with them helps a lot. ♥

Waiting Game.

The worst part of the doll hobby is waiting. I know it comes with the territory, but sometimes its a bit too much.

I paid off my Soom Teenie Gems two weeks ago and they are still not here. It took the seller a whole week to actually put them in the mail, which is pretty crummy considering that on the sales thread it states ‘1-3 days’ and all the feedback indicates fast shipping. They have been in the mail for 8 days now. I’m not sure what kind of shipping they were sent in, but to have dolls roasting in a box in this infernal heat lately is no bueno.

Ironically, I have 3 overseas packages (Korea, UK and Europe) that are moving MUCH quicker than my foxes, which were coming from New York.

I’m just a bit peeved. I know they will be here eventually, I’m just concerned about having them sit in hot facilities or getting damaged. :'( I hope they are home soon.

Leif is coming home!

Yay, yay, hooray!

Leif is on his way home. I just got an email from BNBDoll (Nornen) letting me know he was already in the mail!

Hello. Tamara.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
I did send out the EMS. (Friday. 16 May)
Please let me know when you recieve that !
I enclosed the wig with him for you.
That’s my gift for you.

Have a nice day!! : )


HOW AWESOME IS THAT. ;A; I cannot get over how kind and sweet all the companies from the KBJD Show have been. They are so giving, gentle and kind. I can’t get over how amazing they all are. Peak’s Woods, BNBDoll, Be With You (YG-Style), BJD Crobi, Migidoll, ALL OF THEM. They are so amazing. They have beautiful hearts. I wish there were more people in the world like these amazingly creative souls. ♥

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